Monday, October 28, 2013

Utilities Companies: Did They Tell You Everything About Saving Energy?

Have you had an evaluation from your utility company? Did They Tell You Everything About Saving Energy? I wanted to tell you about the Smart Cube that is approve by the Government. 
We all want to make smart choices on our investments keeping some of our hard earned money in our pockets. 
The utility company will arrive and give us professional energy auditor uses special test equipment to find air leaks, areas lacking insulation, and malfunctioning equipment. The auditor analyzes how well your home’s energy systems work together, and compares the analysis to your utility bills. After gathering information about your home, the auditor will recommend cost-effective energy improvements that enhance comfort and safety. Some will also estimate how soon your investment in efficiency upgrades will pay off.
The FACT is no one mentions the Smart Cube!
Planning smart purchases and home improvements will maximize your energy efficiency and save you the most money.
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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Look What I Found!

Smart Cube Electric Power Saver

The Smart Cube

Have you ever been so upset and didn't know what to do? Well, I was and began to search for a product that would give me the advantage. I won't tell you what I found but, I will give you something to research on your own.

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Saturday, October 5, 2013

Halloween Suggestions

Halloween decisions for parents with girls that want to be sexy. My daughter asked me if she could be Nicki Minaj (female rapper) this year. After seeing Miley Cyrus on the VMAs, thought I should wait a few days before giving her an answer.

I began researching the who's, and what's for my child that liked to dress as Cinderella is growing up. I'm raising my second family at the age of sixty-two and times have changed from cute costumes to sexy. How far should we as parents allow our children to go with a changing society of twerking, shorter skirts and lower cleavage?

The Internet is a wealth of knowledge, so I began my search. I found a article by Rachel Busman, PsyD,
 is a clinical psychologist at Child Mind Institute  specializing in the evaluation and treatment of anxiety and mood disorders in children and adolescents. Dr. Busman has extensive experience providing cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) to children, teenagers, and young adults struggling with psychiatric disorders, school difficulties, and behavioral problems. She has specific interest and expertise in the treatment of obsessive-compulsive disorder, separation anxiety, specific phobias, and selective autism.

Dr. Busman believe that allowing our children to wear sexually provocative costumes is sending the message that is normal for them to dress like women and exhibit adult sexuality. Busman believe we should talk with our girls and explain to them why we think it is a inappropriate costume.

Dr. Busman's article can be found at:  Picking-Creative-And-Appropriate-Halloween-Costume

Halloween is for the children and they should enjoy themselves. My daughter after telling her that I would let her dress up as Micki Minaj but, with some indiscretion  "she stated I know mom, it's a parent thing". I will buy the wig and accessories from Amazon store. I'm giving you a link to the Amazon online store.