Tuesday, November 5, 2013


California is a beautiful place to live. Many attractions are within forty-five minutes drive. Traveling  to Alaska to see the White Polar Bears. California's wanting excitement seeing the wildlife would travel far to see wildlife. Many have settled in the High deserts area forcing the wildlife further away and searching for food..  Bears are traveling in the area's startling the residents.

Many living in these area's have found bears taking a swim in their pools and learning how to open the refrigerators helping themselves to food.

Camping Area

Nuisance bears -- those that raid dumpsters or bird feeders, for example -- can be tagged and relocated by wildlife officers before the bear becomes habituated to human food sources. If a tagged bear gets into trouble a second time, shows aggression just once, or kills livestock, it cannot be relocated and must be put down immediately. Relocating bears is an option that is becoming increasingly difficult as more people move to and recreate in California's outdoors. This week we watched a young bear that was tagged before. He was sedated and relocated. 

Words of Advise when camping

Everyone needs to be extra vigilant about removing food sources for bears around their homes and property, and don't let your guard down when you're camping. When you're away from your camp make sure it's clean and lock all food in a vehicle
Glendale have been wrestling with the bear problem this summer.  Animal Rights and Conservationist sends a powerful message that people do indeed care about the future of our bears.
Residents living in the area's need to take some precautions when they are confronted by bears. One product is very humane and will subdue the animal for you to get to safe grounds. Bear Pepper Mace Spray is safe and humane. This power Magnum Fogger sprays up to 30 feet! This powerful spray causes eyes to slam shut, coughing and an intense burning sensation to the skin. These sensation last approximately 45 minutes.


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